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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Supermarket Detective

Why is grocery shopping with kids such a nightmare? The problem is that it is SO boring. Here’s how you can turn your next shopping trip into a fun-filled activity:

 Tell your kids that they are going to be “supermarket detectives,” and it’s their job to find every letter of the alphabet in order somewhere in the store. Ask them to start out by looking for the letter “A,” then move on to the letter “B.” They can find the letters on signs, packages, and even on those annoying TV screens that bombard you with commercials while you’re shopping.

Once they complete the alphabet, have them start with the number 1 and repeat the search. What’s the largest number they can find before reaching the car? HINT: when looking for double or triple digit numbers, you can pull them out of numbers in a series. For example, if I’m looking for the number 132, I could call it on a product code like 7813265.

Believe it or not, by keeping kids busy with simple games like this, they can actually enjoy their time at the store.


  1. Hi HCK,

    I try to spare the kids from the rigors of shopping (I'm a SAHD), but as you well know, sometimes you just have to bring them along. Great ideas on making it fun. I find giving them jobs like finding the butter makes it more interesting, and also asking them to chime in with their preferences or opinions gives them a big of a vested interest. Nice blog, BTW. Take care.


  2. What fun! Why couldn't I have thought of this when all of my kids were shopping with me!!!

  3. i usually get the toddler to help me put the stuff in the trolley for me it works for most of the trip. then when we get to the registers she helps put the stuff on the counter. keep them busy.

  4. Excellent ideas, though my children are grown. Another idea: Have them practice practical arithmetic. How many items in the shopping cart (if not many). How many different kinds of apples? What item has the most ounces or kilograms listed on the box?

  5. great idea! my little boy is always so hyper while shopping lol maybe this will keep him occupied next trip!