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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Toy Change

Kids love toys, but they soon become bored with them.

Separate their toys into several large plastic tubs. Leave one of the tubs out where they can play with the contents, and then put the others away in a closet or the garage.

When boredom strikes, pull out one of the tubs that has been set aside for a few months.  Open it up and let the fun begin. It's like having a mini-Christmas. 


  1. Fantastic idea! I always learn these wonderful things too late. But at least I can use them with my grand kids!!!

  2. good idea! We're in the process of making our Attic Adelle's play room. i'll have to remember this, Thanks for checking Willow Would out!

  3. I've read a similar idea before, but this really simplifies. Big bins, use the garage. I think I'll try it.